How To Paint with Black

Thinking of painting in black?

Black has become a pretty popular paint choice among younger generations, who are consuming homes and rental spaces at unprecedented rates. If you think that the color black may bring some change to your home but are struggling with the design of it or simply scared to jump in - give Elite Finisher a call.

Since black is the darkest color on the spectrum and realistically an absence of light, it is often considered dangerous, unwelcoming or even taboo to place in your home. However, you can use black paint in some creative ways to really transform the look and feel of some specific rooms. Once you're ready to embrace the black - you may never go back...

How To Paint with Black

Is Black the Right Choice?

Your parents or their parents will shun the idea of black in a room (or anything dark really). The old adage that dark colors bring the walls in around you will be cast at you like Hogwarts spells. Using black paint, however, is a perfectly acceptable choice when giving rooms a makeover, so long as it suits the elements of the room. There are definitely some general elements you should try to understand before choosing a color scheme. Choosing black paint will definitely put you in a category of professional advice. 

If... you are using black as the primary color in a room, it is important to ensure that this space receives plenty of natural light or else the walls will come in around you. As a color, black absorbs light, which means it may not be the best choice for rooms that are shaded from sunlight. That does not mean you can’t use black as an accenting color or for a single wall, a creative trim or mantle element.

If you are trying to sell a home, the color schemes that you choose for your rooms can have a significant impact on the perceived dimensions of a room. Using black paint may make the room look smaller. Thinking about the size of the room, the effect you want the black paint to have and the use of the room is the most important process you'll go through when making this choice. 

There are different types of sheens available in black paint, so make sure you make the rounds asking questions, testing samples and looking for the effect you want. For instance, some black paints produce a slate finish, whereas others have undertones of colors such as blue, red, or aqua green when the light reflects off the finished surface. These products can bring real character to a room when you get the tones right.

Black Paint Accents

One of the most effective uses of black paint is to place it as an accent color. There's nothing worse than a sheer white room with nothing to break it up unless you're visiting a luxury day spa. But, if you want to add striking contrast, you should consider accenting with black paint. If you have a counter, wall or custom piece that you want to stand out, then hit it with black. 

You can also use black to accent your fireplace or other built-in features in a room such as bookshelves. Black frames for mirrors and paintings create contrast and uniformity. Interior Designers love to draw your eye to an element in a room by using these methods.

Tiffany Hanken   Interior Design   brings simple luxury to this bathroom with a black counter.

Tiffany Hanken Interior Design brings simple luxury to this bathroom with a black counter.

Black as a Primary Color

Black as your primary color scheme for walls is a bold choice, indeed. It's a choice you'll have to fully commit to in terms of the rooms décor. Black won't just line your walls; it will be engrained in all that room has to offer. Using some light-colored or white furniture will off-set the walls a great deal. You'll also want to use fixtures to create light and keep the room from feeling suffocating and dungeon-like.

The process of accent paint can be reversed. You can accent light colored walls with black and you can accent black walls with light paint or light features such as mirrors, fixtures, etc. A mixture of all these ideas is probably best.

Mixing & Matching with Black Paint

There are many color combinations out there that you can choose from to incorporate black into your home. Again, your interior designer will probably have robust recommendations on how to do this probably the first time around. 

Looking to Hire a Pro?

Matching black with other colors can be challenging, but it's doable. And.. it can be done very well. If you're thinking about painting your home with black paint, call the professionals at Elite Finisher for some advice.