Paint Your Bedroom For Relaxation

Paint your bedroom with relaxing colors

Outside of your dream kitchen, your home should always provide an intimate, relaxing environment in the bedroom. You spend of 1/3 (in theory) of your entire life there so ensuring that it's a safe, warm and welcoming space is crucial to a healthy home and family. 

If you have kids they will likely also spend a lot of time playing console games in their bedroom during the day or non-sleeping hours. These things will increase their time spent in the bedroom to around half of their younger years in life. In both of these scenarios, the mood of the room is very important.

A very peaceful room is conducive to sleep. Your children are much more likely to worked frustrated or worked up by struggling through homework or playing their video games, so it's very important to choose the right colors for your children's bedrooms to help them whisk away the troubles of the day like you do for yourself. As an adult, your bedroom should be a sanctuary; positioned for all the things necessary to ensure a happy, healthy relationship. 

So how do you achieve this? The colors in your bedroom can have a significant impact on your mood. It can also cause issues for people that have various medical conditions. For example, if one is prone to seizures, strips in a narrow space can potentially trigger this reaction. So when designing the look and feel of your bedroom you'll want to consider any conditions that family members may have as well as painting to reflect the personality and style of the person living in that space.

Child's bedroom. Image by Trey Fortner

Child's bedroom. Image by Trey Fortner

The psychology behind color

Color can have an emotional influence on people. This has long been understood by marketing companies of all kinds; they use color to create a sense of comfort, luxury, urgency, etc. If one is really serious about getting restful sleep, you'll want to take extra care to choose color schemes that can calm down an active brain. Two finishes on paint that help tie this feeling together are the eggshell and satin. 

The reason that "stripes" may cause an issue in the bedroom for some people is because it's a stimulating pattern. Any palette full of activity may also have the same effect and someone who is sensitive to these colors and patterns. Accent walls leading into the bedroom that is in view of the view from the room may also cause a problem. If this situation exists in your home, you can aid in defusing these problems and high anxiety areas by using neutral, warming color schemes that beg you to come relax. 

Getting back to marketing and emotions, you'll often see bright colors in advertising because they call themselves out and cause stimulation. Red is the noticeable color and when blended with other primary colors, it can really "pop". 

Think red, yellow and food and McDonald's comes right to mind.

Limit the color palette

For the bedroom, reducing the color palette is always a good course of action. You can promote relaxation and reduce brain activity by using a limited color palette. Uniformity is key when painting your bedroom - one or two color bedroom has a calming effect. If you're working with an interior designer, they may also recommend making your bedroom a relaxing sanctuary and have these same recommendations.

The fewer colors that you use when painting your bedroom, the more likely you are to achieve relaxation. In children’s bedrooms, it is best to avoid the temptation to decorate with lots of transfers or stencils. Sometimes, people, have brilliant artists come in and paint themes around the bedrooms. This can be really fun and create a loving environment for kids, especially when they are small. But the color palette is crucial to growth and rest. Cluttered walls are distracting and can alter the mood of the child. If he or she is already receiving a large amount of stimulation playing online games, it makes sense to ensure the rest of the bedroom is a calming environment.

Chose relaxing colors

Colors that absorb light are less distracting to your eyes, so your bedroom should probably include shades of blue and gray. This all depends on your personal taste, but you may want to choose colors that are lighter, rather than dark so that your room does not become suffocating or "small". These two simple

The best color palette for a bedroom should preferably include shades of blue and gray. Colors that absorb light are less distracting to the eye. Always choose lighter shades for your palette to ensure that the room does not become suffocating. The neutrality of these colors means that they do not trigger a reaction in the brain that keeps a person stimulated. Other colors have proven to help the brain relax which are, pale pink or salmon, beige, or pale green. Always make sure your colors are on the pale or light spectrum of the color palette.

Paint colors for special needs

If you have family members with special needs such as epilepsy, autism or ADHD, it is important to speak to support workers about color schemes for the bedroom in order to ensure that your color schemes are suited to the needs of that individual family member.

People with autism, especially, can be very sensitive to colors. What helps one person relax may actually trigger anxiety in another. Getting the color scheme right will prevent that family member from experiencing negative stimuli in the room where they should feel most comfortable.

The size, dimensions, and location of a bedroom can also impact on the color scheme that you choose for the room. Recording these details and consulting with an expert painter will help you make an informed choice about your palette. There is a wide range of shades available that are ideal for creating a relaxing space; however, certain schemes may clash with the furniture in the room, which can become a distraction.

Hire a professional painter

Professional painting companies and expert painters can help you visualize the room and organize your color palette based on your needs and ideas. Again, if you're using an interior designer, they can also be of assistance in helping choose colors that satisfy multiple buckets for your family.

Looking to Hire a Pro?

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