Painting Your Home Office for Purpose

Painting Your Home Office

If you're lucky enough to not be caught in the corporate rat-race and you work from home, then you know that the ability to design and control the feeling of your work environment is within your control. And its so important, as the corporate-driven, sterile office environment can cause real mental challenges for many people over time. Your productivity and personal well-being can be very affected by the office, so if it's in your home then it better be just right. 

Even if you work from home, however, you need to ensure that the office is conducive to the work that you do. Whether your office is a personal space inside your home or a place that clients can walk into, it needs to be organized and well-designed to make sure you reach your work potential. 

Painting Your Home Office for Purpose

Color schemes matter

Like many in-home environments, the first thing you probably want to consider is natural light. Often times, home offices are tucked off into dark corners that aren't being used in order to justify the use of the space for work. But like all of the other rooms in your home, natural light brings happiness, fulfillment, mental stability, and productivity. If you absolutely can't achieve this in your current home, then your color scheme becomes all the more important. 

Think about the work that you do. What is the most appropriate mood for promoting productivity? Soft colors, such as grays, light green, sea blue, etc. are ideal for creating a relaxed environment in which to work. If you need motivation and energy, the high-saturation colors such as yellows and red might do the trick. It's the reason you see them in so many offices.

The size of the room is pretty important too. When using darker shades to paint your home office, you'll find the walls closing in if it's a small space. This could make some people claustrophobic or create a feeling of anxiety or high-stress. Lighter colors can really open a room up in the situation, specifically, if it has the tendency to build some stuff up every week like papers, folders, etc. You could also just go entirely neutral as those colors are thought to improve your mood without adversely affecting the rest of the environment.


Along with the paint choices you make in your office, the ergonomics of this space can not be understated. If you can't use your office furniture and equipment in a comfortable fashion you could suffer from some long-term health issues as a result of it. It's important to do a little research into the ergonomics of each item you purchase and to shop wisely. Not only will these initial choice you make dictate your comfort level, but they will affect your long-term happiness and productivity. 

You should do an ergonomic assessment of your home office every six months to make sure it's meeting your continual, daily needs. It wouldn't be too much to re-evaluate your paint choices at that time either if you feel the need for an environment change or simply something brighter.

Sound Proofing

As goes the territory with a home office, so goes the disruptions. If you have kids, (or animals) it takes a lot of discipline for them to understand that you are at work when in your office. It is also very important to establish boundaries if you anticipate clients may be walking into your office. 

An office should be situated somewhere in the home that experiences the least foot traffic. If this isn't possible, you can help soundproof the room in other ways. You may want to add some necessary items to help in this like shelving or equipment that takes up space. You could also install a soundproof door to try to alleviate whatever may come from the hallway. If you're building your office from the ground up, work with your contractor or drywall framer to soundproof the walls as much as possible. 

Painting Your Home Office for Purpose

Pick a Color Palette You Like

Color theory is an in-depth subject. There are a lot of things to consider and most people don't when designing their home, much less their home office. Most people have a good idea regarding the colors they would like in their home and those they think would be terrible for their home. Ultimately you should start there when painting your office for purpose. If you like shades of blue or shades of yellow, looking at a color palette can help you find the different tones or shades that may work well in your home.

We talked a little bit about the psychology of painting your home office as well. Obviously, it's not the best choice to put burnt orange or a busy red into a space that you envision being tranquil and relaxing. Bright tones will provoke energy and subdued tones will promote peaceful living. It's up to your and the purpose of your home office.

Another thing to consider is color psychology. If you would like a calming space, it's probably not best to choose bright orange. Usually, bright tones will provoke energy while subdued tones and pastels will promote a peaceful feeling. Keep this in mind when choosing your palette.

Use online tools

The Sherwin-Williams Color Visualizer

This is a great tool created by Sherwin Williams. The color visualizer allows you to easily find colors and schemes that work for different spaces. It also allows you to upload your own photos to see what the colors would look like in your home.

There is also an inspiration section that has examples, expert color selections and inspirational photos you can pull the colors you love from. You can even “paint a scene” to see how the colors work in the space and how they look during the day and at night. If your home office space is small or tucked away somewhere, this may be the perfect tool to help you make the best choices form the get-go.

Home office painting experts

Painting your home office is just one of the many items to check off this list when ensuring your working environment is comfortable and quiet. The reality is that your home workspace will likely be limited. So, it becomes even more important to consult with a painting expert before choosing your color palette or completing your office. With a professional painter on your team, you can create a space that is inspirational and that promotes success.

Looking to Hire a Pro?

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