Picking The Best Colors For Outdoor Spaces

Painting Your Outdoor Spaces

A major trend with homeowners over the past decade has been enhancing their outdoor living spaces. Many homeowners are spending far less time going to places outside their home for entertainment and much more time “yard-scaping” their backyards into the perfect place for entertainment, rest and relaxation.

So when you’ve finally decided to extend your living space and what your home’s backyard oasis be, then it will be time to plan all the steps to have a successful remodel. Having a dedicated place to gather with friends and family for supper or a fire in the evening, or even just a great spot to curl up with your drink of choice and a magazine or book is as good as it gets for most homeowners. You can increase your family’s living space by creating a fabulous outdoor “room” and get the most out of those warm summer and fall months. When it comes time to paint, things can get a little crazy with all of choices available. Here are some great ideas on how to pick the best colors for your space.

Picking The Best Colors For Outdoor Spaces

Less is more

The definitive tip we can give you when painting your outdoor space is that “less is more”. While you may think you need a lot of painted areas or several different colors for your outdoor space, the chances are you’ll do better with less. We tend to seek outdoor spaces for their appeal of being “outdoors”. Nature is beautiful in its own way and provides naturally incredible color during peaks months of the year. You’ll have the best results choosing a main color and using it in different ways to carry it throughout your areas.

Contrasting or coordinating colors?

Many people like to continue the main color of their home’s exterior. Embarking on the project of remodeling your outdoor space is a big decision, so It’s not a bad idea. You really can’t go wrong by matching the color of your house and simply extending it into the patio or the back yard. Using another shade of the exterior house color is also an option. If you want the colors to match, it’s a good idea to speak to the contractor who originally finished the exterior of your house to get an exact match. The coordination looks organized and planned, and if your home is going up for sale then its a fairly safe bet that it will appeal to most homebuyers.

Another great way to choose the best color for your outdoor living space is to contrast with your house. If your house is light colored, like a taupe, then a dark brown will look striking for your living area outside. If you have a home with dark grey siding, think about white for your outside room.

Concept a theme

You (or your family) might be someone that has a theme that you really enjoy in your life. Some people love nautical or eastern seaboard themes. Maybe your home is full of shiplap and Joanna Gaines-inspired looks. If you have an outdoor pool, this theme works well. Arabian Nights with silky curtains flowing? Blues, purples, pinks and yellows offer options that will work with those curtains, chaise lounges and oversized pillows. It’s all about “the feels” when it comes to creating the perfect, relaxing home space.

For your paint, choose one, and only one. Color theory plays a very important role in many people’s lives and families and can help dictate the general mood of your household. Listen to your mind and body when a color feels good and brings relaxation to your long work days. Choose greens or blues for relaxation or maybe golds or yellows if you want to have a positive feel. By keeping the wood features of your outdoor space relatively neutral, you can add some eye-popping color with accessories like pillows, candles, comfy throws or even the dishes for meals. When your basic color scheme does’t overwhelm those that enter the space, its much easier to the feeling that you’re an amazing decorator by pulling it together with splashes and pops of color here or there.

Remember, a lot of your design elements and color are going to come straight from Mother Nature. Green plants, lawn, blue sky and bright yellow sunshine are all part of your “decor” when you have an outdoor space. Work with your yard, don’t try to be a better decorator than mother nature.

Picking The Best Colors For Outdoor Spaces

Where to add color

Lastly, as you plan and design your outdoor space, think about the different ways you can add your chosen colors to the big picture without overdoing it or making it “loud”. If your backyard has a fence or walls that enclose it, then your paint will already be dictated and right at home. Some outdoor spaces are defined by pillars on corners or support areas that can be painted to match or off-set your main color.

If your interests lie in design elements, then maybe your furniture is where the color will make its presence felt. Bold cushions on comfy rattan or sleek metal modern furniture can be the spot for your color. Accent with coordinating colors or with various shades of your main color choice. As always, if your budget allows, we recommending finding one of your local area’s best interior designers to help put it all together.

The best piece of advice is to have fun while designing your outdoor space. You’re making the decision to remodel and extend your living space to relax and enjoy it, so slow down and plan it out. Let the inspiration flow… As you dream about what your little piece of paradise in the back yard looks like, take a moment to contact our paint experts at the Elite Finisher Painting Company.

Remodeling your outdoor spaces?

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