Should I Paint My Wooden Fence?

To Paint My Fence Or Not To Paint My Fence

That is the question that many homeowners and business owners ask themselves. A wood fence is a wonderful option for security and privacy, but it’s also a major investment. Once you commit to a wood fence, you’ll want to keep the wood protected. It must be either sealed, stained or painted over time to keep it looking brand new.

Most people prevent damage to the wooden fences by either painting them or staining them. Both options are appealing to the eye, add value to your curb appeal, and help prevent damage to the wood - thus extending its life. If you’re not sure if you should paint or stain your fence, consider these few benefits to help pull the trigger.

Maybe you’ve waited too long…

Maybe you’ve waited too long…

Simple Economics

Stain vs. Paint. Since staining needs to be done more often and also requires sealing, it tends to be more expensive than painting. Stain can also require two or more coats, which can cost more in product and in labor. Painting your fence is usually less expensive since it lasts longer and can take less time to complete. Plus… color options galore!

Color Options

When looking at a stain, you are confined to the varieties of wood hues there are to choose from, while paint can be any color you choose. When you choose paint for protecting your fence, you get the full spectrum of colors that you can use across numerous lines of paint. You can opt for a classic white fence or match your fencing to the accents on your house. Maybe paint your fence and garage doors the same color or match your fence to the trim. Using color can make your fence and home unique!

Paint Offers Protection

Paint is what protects most homes from the elements and it makes sense to use it for your fencing as well. A quality coating of paint (professionally applied) will give your fence a layer of protection from the wind, sun, and rain for many years, preventing premature rot. Wood does not last long in the elements on its own accord. Paint can ensure that the wood is sealed and will extend the life of your fencing and protect what likely is a major investment.

Depending on the fence, you may need a coat of primer first to get the best adhesion and to obtain the best finish. From there, a good quality latex paint is perfect for fencing. Once your project is completed, your fence will have an excellent barrier against the elements and a clean, professional appearance.

Should I Paint My Wooden Fence?

Maintenance Is LOW

Benefits of paint. One of the best benefits of painting your fence is that once it is done, you can sit back and enjoy it for years to come. Stain may need to be resealed every year and reapplied every few years; remember that back deck you fought with for years.... With paint, you may not need to repaint for five years or more. Consider how long the paint on homes lasts; when quality paint is used, exterior paint can last in excess of 10 years.

The only thing you may want to do between paintings on your wooden fence is cleaning it. A gentle washing with a garden hose can remove dirt and grime that accumulates without harming the paint. All fences need to be cleaned.

Not maintaining or cleaning your fence over time can lead to rot. Does you fence offer this curb appeal?

Yes, You Can Paint Over Stain

Even if you already have a fence with stain, you can choose to switch to paint when it comes time to add more stain. If you are tired of constantly needing to seal or stain your fence (like the pesky old deck), make the switch to paint. You do not need to strip stain to paint over it; just clean the surface and you are ready to begin painting. This is a great way to give your home and property a new look and begin enjoying the benefits of a painted fence.

You can paint over stain when it’s time to re-stain.

You can paint over stain when it’s time to re-stain.

You Can Paint Almost Any Time

The weather, even when local weather guy gives you a thumbs up, can be unpredictable - specifically when you’re trying to plan home projects. Stain can be finicky in certain weather conditions but unless it rains, you can certainly paint.

Staining requires the right temperatures and 2-3 dry days to allow the stain to adhere. A fence can be painted in just a few hours, depending on the size, and you do not need to worry too much about the weather getting in your way.

Painting Is On Trend

Why not be trendy? Everyone is doing it… If you want a modern, trendy look for your home, painting your fence can give you a unique look and feel. There are so many stained fences, yet when you see a bright, painted fence, it really separates itself from the crowd. An old fence can look new again with painting and add an elegant touch to your home and property. Your painted fence can make your property unique in your neighborhood and improve the overall style of your home.

Is this your fence? We know a guy for that…

Is this your fence? We know a guy for that…

Looking to Hire a Pro?

If you would like to paint your fence and change the overall look of the curb appeal of your home, talk to our team at Elite Finisher. Our painting pros can help you find the best colors to refresh your exterior and aspects of your home. Contact us today for a free quote.