The Best Paint Colors to Sell Your Home

Have you ever sold a home? Did the realtor insist you eliminate personal items or paint rooms in certain colors in order to not distract potential buyers? Well, over 90% of all real estate agents out there recommend a fresh coat of paint for their client's homes.

In today’s home-selling market, a lot of work goes into preparing a home for sale. One trend out there is to use home staging professionals to assist in making sure homes show well to potential buyers. Home staging takes into consideration many factors; the most important one being the color of paint. Using the wrong paint colors can send potential buyers right back out the door. Though potential buyers should look past the "material" aspects of buying a home and focus on what's important - few do. Emotions can run high when buying homes and creating an environment that is pleasing will help place your buyer's mind in your home for sale. This is where professional painters can have a big impact on your ROI and plenty of experience. According to some national surveys out there, the average price to paint interior walls is $500 to $750, but that increases a home price by an average of $1,500 to $2,000. Not may home sellers would argue with a 200% + return.

A Basic Rule of Thumb When Selling Your Home

Remove all the personal touches you've made within your home. I know you've worked hard at it, but you want to make it as impersonal as possible when staging your home for sale. A neutral-colored palette, without all the clutter, helps potential buyers envision how their personal taste can be implemented into the house. In fact, some buyers just want to see an empty shell, though the majority of them need to visualize what it would be like to live inside your 4 walls on a daily basis. Make it feel warm.

The best paint color to sell your home

Bright red accent walls or teenagers bedrooms full of black and posters need to be painted over in order to sell. You may want to focus warm beiges and yellows which are great choices for wall color and making a space look more impersonal. Neutralize the color palette throughout the home and neutral doesn't mean white. Think tranquility... and get rid of the wall paper.

A home for sale should always make sure that their paint has a fresh appeal, no dings and no marks. If there are any, it should be repainted or touched up because it gives the feeling of a well-maintained home that is taken care of. Even if the colors are not the buyer's first choice (it usually isn't), you'd like to say "I can live with it".

Repainting the Kitchen

Going room by room and making the correct decision on colors is vital to selling your home. In the kitchen it's good to stay in the orange, red and yellow families. These work well because they're food related and warm. It's important to still make them soft, appealing and neutral, and keep them in the suggested food group colors. There's nothing like cooking food to bring family and friends together and many people analyze this room first as their focal point to entertaining.

Repainting the Bathroom

In the bathroom paint must be light, because the room tends to be smaller, and a darker color would just make it more so (in many people's opinions). One way to infuse color into the room is through accessories like soaps or towels. But for the walls, keep it in the light yellows or tans. If the floors are hardwood then it's best to stick with neutral tones but if they are tiled, you might be able to pick up color palettes from it and play it on the walls.

Repainting the Bedroom

In the bedroom it's important to stay away from bright colors. This room is viewed as a sanctuary, so choose something very neutral that will work with the flooring and also flow into the master bathroom area. Bedroom and bathroom colors do not have to be the same but definitely must follow some sort of flow in order to keep potential buyers' attention.

Repainting the Home Office

Cinnamon, dark brown or even dark blues are welcome in the home office. These colors make the space an area in which to work, relax and kick back. Often people associated offices with library spaces and visualize them with deep leather chairs, book shelves and mahogany desks. Your color scheme on the walls can certainly mirror this and create a luxurious, welcoming space to work.

Repainting Other Areas of the Home

Other areas of the home (such as the living room) may benefit from colors that give off natural energy and reflect from your skin naturally. These might be salmon-hued paints or even pale beige with blue tones.

And don't forget about your garage and basement! Paint the concrete floor and warm up these otherwise cold spaces with a warm neutral color like gold. In the patio area it's not entirely necessary to paint it.. but do ensure that the decks and patios are pressure washed and fresh looking.

The Color to Avoid

When painting to help sell your house, the color white is not your ally. Many people think that painting your home white is "neutral". This would be a wrong mindset. White everywhere is very institutional and boring and often people find it hard to envision anything in an entirely white space.

Seek the advice of your local painting professional for best tips to sell your home. You may even want to share some inspiration boards from Pinterest. There's tons of great stuff there to help generate ideas.

Happy Selling!