Things To Consider When Painting Your Office

Your Office Space Speaks Your Brand

How your business space looks speaks volumes about your company AND you.

Your attention to the small things can make or break a business deal. If your customers visit you at your office, It all begins when your customer first enters your place of business. Here’s a few things you want to take into consideration when you decide to paint your office or public workspace.

Use touch-up paint

Touching up the paint on your walls might not always be the easiest job. If your walls have undergone time, wear and tear they become harder to touch up. You’ll find that your touch up leaves “new” marks on what appears to be an old wall. The paint on your wall can lose water over time, which speeds up this effect.

Flat paints are easier to touch up than older semi-gloss and glossy paints. In fact, touching up the glossy paints can be next to impossible if they have been on the wall for a length of time. You may be better off planning on a fresh coat of paint. The next couple of tips explain in more detail.

Keep your walls clean

How your office space looks can reveal the way in which you work, or at least that is the perception your clients may have. Just like when someone enters your home, their first impression will consume their minds as they venture through the rest of your home and time together. Therefore, it is important that you keep your walls looking clean. Taking care of scuffs and marks as soon as possible will not only keep the space looking presentable to clients and visitors, it makes life easier for you.

Cleaning marks from your walls immediately is the best way to go. Fresh marks are considerably easier to clean away than those that have had time to set in. It is also important to wash the walls as opposed to scrubbing them. Washing your walls takes a much lighter touch and will extend the life of the paint. Scrubbing them can cause discoloration and/or damage.

If you have an office assistant or a cleaning company that stops by once per week, simply integrate these tasks into their routine. You and your customers will walk into a fresh, inviting space every single Monday morning.

Things To Consider When Painting Your Office

Choose materials that work best for your space

Take into consideration the type of customers or clients you serve. This will have an impact on the type of paint you choose to use on your walls. If you cater to families you may use trending colors in semi-gloss paints in your showcase offices and spaces. If you focus on corporate clients, you may use bold colors that speak to brand image.

Using washable paints allow you to keep those walls looking good even when things get crazy around the office. Better quality semi-gloss paints stand up to multiple washings, while lower quality paints will come off and/or fade with regular cleaning.

Flat paint is porous and therefore more difficult to keep clean. Since your office is your personality and a portion of your sales pitch, you’ll want it to stay looking as clean as possible. Cheaper paints, no matter the level of sheen or lack thereof, will not hold up as well. In the long run, cheap paint can cost you as much or more than high-quality paint since you will need to do more frequent paint jobs. Quality vs. Quantity.

Matte finish paints work well for low-traffic areas and when your business has a showroom or is a boutique establishment. Flat finishes absorb the light and do not show imperfections in the wall as readily as glossy paints. These types of paint also have a clean look. If children are running around, this may be a good option for you.

Your attention to the small things can make or break a business deal.

Invest long term. Go for quality.

The perception of your clientele is as important of an investment as the business itself. Obviously, you want to be successful and prosperous down to every step of your process with customers so they refer you to others. Every day is filled with business decisions that involve quality investments - materials, goods, time, etc. That same mindset should be applied to the appearance of your office.

Investing in high-quality paint and a high-quality paint job adds value to your business. A nice looking space with clean walls might be an oversight in your overall plan, but it is the small details that make big differences when closing business deals.

When you decide to pain your offices, it’s crucial to ensure a job well done. Painting doesn’t just happen; it takes time, effort and tools to get it done right. If you’re a business owner, you probably want to spend your precious time “driving in your lane” rather than worrying about a project that needs to be repeated over and over again. A high-quality paint job takes care of all the little details and it will last for years and still look nice.

Things To Consider When Painting Your Office

Bigger business

If your business goes outside the office on a larger scale to commercial spaces, then your appearance becomes even more important. Regardless of your industry, if your building and work spaces look shabby it gives the impression that it’s not well maintained and that you don’t care.

The only difference is customers may decide to avoid your business due to your upkeep standards and that can end up costing you in the long run. Avoid having this happen to you by making sure you keep up with building maintenance.

Thinking of painting your offices?

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