Tips For Painting Your Home In The Summer

Summer Home Painting Tips

You've decided your home needs fresh curb appeal but its the dead middle of the summer heat. There's no reason you can't paint your home in the summer, but there are some tips and advice you probably want to follow. 

So here are a few tips for painting your home in the summer to avoid short and long-term problems with your finish.

Reconstitute your paint

When painting outside in the sun with high temperatures, humidity, and other elements, your paint will most likely be adversely affected. The water in your paint can evaporate causing it to act in unusual ways. So you'll have to put water back into the paint to keep this from happening. This is called reconstituting your paint. 

How does one do that? You'll want to add a maximum of 10% of the paint volume when replenishing the moisture. It is also a really good idea to reconstitute in small batches that you aren't adding water to your larger container all the time. You'll water your paint down cause more problems in the long run.

There are products made specifically for reconstituting paint by the manufacturer of the paint you are using. If you don’t feel comfortable adding water to the paint, these products can help you do it quickly and easily without the guesswork.

Tips For Painting Your Home In The Summer

Prepare your surfaces

We've mentioned this before, but this is where many DIYers tend to set themselves up for failure and more expense. Spend time prepping your surfaces properly. If you spend the proper amount of time prepping the surfaces you will be painting, your paint job will look even better and last like its supposed to.

This is a crucial element when deciding to paint your home. Every type of siding requires a different method of surface prep. Some types of exterior siding are easier to prep than others. The hard work you put into prepping the exterior walls, however,  will pay off when you see a perfect paint job and years of lasting curb appeal.

Track or monitor sun and temperature

Are you a weather tracker? Well don't stop now; its brutally important your doppler is accurate when painting your home in the summer. Direct sunlight can cause the paint to dry inconsistently as well as other issues, so you don't want it sitting in direct sun. If you start painting early in the day, you can follow the sun around your home; starting to paint on the shaded south side before the sun is high and working your way around ending on the east side. This will give the paint a chance to dry before the sun bakes it in. This is better for you too because it's cooler during this time of day. You can always take a mid-day break when the direct sun and heat comes on and resume in the early evening.

Bath your paint in ice

No... don't add ice to your paint, but rather the paint tray. Much of the reason why paint loses so much water is the heat - not necessarily direct sunlight. You can help slow down the evaporation process by adding ice to the paint tray. Layer ice in the bottom of the paint tray and set a disposable liner on top of it to hold the paint. By doing this and keeping the paint out of direct sunlight, the cool paint won’t lose as much water over time.

Use quality products

We can't stress this enough and its the reason you may hire a professional, despite all of the other prep and tools that go into the job. 

When painting your home, you surely don't want your hard work and precious time wasted by having your home fade quickly begin to chip or crack. As mentioned above, prepping the surfaces properly is key, but you also need high-quality paint. By spending a few extra bucks on the right paint, you can ensure the paint will look its absolute best for as long as possible.

Shopping for paint doesn’t have to be a chore. You can talk to someone at Elite Finisher about the types of paint that work well in our midwest climate and we can even help you choose the right color or color combinations for your home.

So if you're ready to give your home a fresh new look, the summer heat doesn't have to delay your plans. You can still get the job done and off the to-do list. Planning your work, slowing down the evaporation process, and reconstituting the paint when necessary are all very important.

Looking to Hire a Pro?

By following the tips above so you can boost the curb appeal of your home with a fresh look, even in the summer. If you would like to talk to an experienced painting professional about how you can paint your home at any time of year, just give us a call. You might even want to have someone come out to give you a free estimate.