Using The Pantone Color of The Year In Your Home

Using 2019 Color Trends In Your Home

Pantone releases the Pantone Color of the Year every year and this year’s color is “Living Coral”. Living Coral is an invigorating hue that is more muted than orange and warmer than pink. Due to its versatility, not only will you see it finding its way into homes this year but also clothing, home accessories, fashion runway and more.

The newest Pantone color of the year is a great addition to brighten up your home with a cheerful entryway or a lively bathroom. Though the Living Coral is the “it” color, it’s not the only color that is trending in 2019. There’s a spectrum of other colors that are very popular in modern interior design that you can find everywhere.

Check out the list of 2019 color trends and a few tips on how to incorporate them into your home.

An animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge.

2019 Color Trends

Misty Blues

There’s a few of these out there and they live somewhere in between blue, gray and purple and seem to represent all of them in a uniquely blue palette that stands on its own. Calm and tranquil, these misty blues will work well on almost any wall in your home including refinished cabinets. Its versatile and subtle, yet striking.

Forest Green

In 2017, Pantone release their color of the year as “greenery”. Today in 2019, this color continues to carry over into home interior design, fashion design, appliances and more. Forest green is similar in that its an edgier version of nature that isn’t so on the nose but brings the calming effects of outdoors into your house.

This rich twist on forest green will make any room in your house feel like a splash of luxury. Its best paired with white trim and accessories.


This year’s terracotta color is an earthy, natural, southwest hue, which offers a contemporary twist on brown and beige. Terracotta is elegant and subdued.

Terracotta is know to give a warm richness to your accent walls or backsplashes. You really can try this color on any feature in your home you want to have a flat, clay like feeling to.

Cream (kind’ve)

They call it off-cream or for some it may be french cream. For a minimalist, warm, and inviting feel, many interior designers are turning to soft, muted tones when working with a neutral space that may require bolder undertones. It also come alive beautifully in a naturally lit room.

The off-cream is a color you can easily apply to large areas of your home and play up or down with your décor and lighting. Go crazy!

Not Quite White…

There are color purists who crave simplicity. But they are also critical enough to not want stark all-white walls, which feels sterile and institutional. So think of these colors as the tones of white that play well with other colors and provide a pleasing palette on which to layer your décor and play up the undertones with lighting. You can draw all kinds of pleasing tones from these not-quite-whites depending on the time of day.

Oranges and yellows

Bold, bright, and happy colors are springing into 2019. And with spring just around the corner, now is the time. Some people see these colors as challenging or scary though because they can’t visualize how to use them and think it will be obnoxious.

Working yellow or orange into your home should be fairly easy if you already have muted blues or beiges. And you certainly don’t have paint entire walls the color of yellow. A nice citrusy punch from a piece of furniture or accessory might give you the small shot of cheer you are looking for in your home. You could potentially paint one accent wall or some well-placed trim as well.

Blush Pink

You’ve heard the word millennial and there are some very millennial trends out there. Blush pink is one of them and it’s appearing to be going away. Brands are introducing softer, more neutral rosy pink tones that speak to all generations. If you’re thinking pink in your home, you may want to find an experienced interior designer to help place it correctly for longevity.

In the same vein of color thinking, jewel tones have also become popular. So when working inside your home renovation and decoration scheme, you may also want to consider ruby, sapphire, amethyst, and emerald.

Using The Pantone Color of The Year In Your Home

Lavender - Gray

One can’t forget about Gray which has the ability to subtle and flat or vibrant and luxurious. It has been the go-to wall color for quite some time now. You can even find it abundantly in web-based color palettes, brand design and it’s a favorite of modern website designers. But the days of painting every wall a flat tone of gray are pretty well gone. Today’s grays infuse a hint of color, like lilac-gray, which gives any room in the house a modern, yet classic look.

Looking to Hire a Pro?

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