When Is It Time To Paint Your Restaurant?

Time to paint your restaurant

Food and service are integral pieces to your restaurant being successful. The look and feel of your space, however, can also play a crucial part in whether someone visits again or becomes a regular customer. You want people to come back again and again, so creating the perfect storm of an environment should be at the top of your mind every single year that you are in business. 

The color scheme is incredibly important when it comes to creating an eating and gathering space that fosters comfort and relaxation. This is the reason why the most successful restaurants will pay to bring in the professionals at every corner - from the menu to the mixologist to the interior designer, color schemes and more. 

When visiting a restaurant, there is really no way to know what the quality of the food or level of service is going to be until you've sat down, tasted it and experienced it. And certainly, you're typically not invited into the kitchen to view its cleanliness and processes unless you're visiting an upscale operation that offers a chef's table. You can get an idea of what the restaurant is all about though by scrutinizing the condition of the decor and quality of the upkeep in high traffic areas. Focal points like the paint color and condition on the walls, drywall damage, wood trim, the front door area and more. A big one is whether a good percentage of the restaurant booths and chairs need restoration or repair.

Drywall, painting and wood refinishing by Elite Finisher

Drywall, painting and wood refinishing by Elite Finisher

Paint your restaurant with an intention

You've got your favorite colors and maybe in your mind, it's just that easy. But even painting your home can fall short in many ways if you're not painting with thought and intention. Your spaces need to be inviting and lead you through them as to create a warm, relaxing environment that you never want to leave. You are a business owner, so there should as much attention paid to how your guest perceive your decor as there is in painting your bedroom for relaxation.

Your branding is one element that often shapes the color scheme in a restaurant. This is a great marketing tool to help customers become familiar with your brand and remember it after they've left. Outside of branding, the colors you choose are incredibly important in dictating the style of your restaurant. The ambiance is key to returning guests. 

The hues and shades that you and your painting and design team opt for can create an amazing environment from the ground up or transform a classic old-world space to modern and trendy, instantly. Unless you have a professional knowledge of painting commercial premises, you may end up completely missing the mark. Customers will notice quickly that the color scheme is not designed to coordinate with the restaurant theme, which can make for an uncomfortable dining experience.

Culver's Restaurant painted by Elite Finisher

Some painting psychology

Professional painting companies working inside of business and commercial spaces will often look at the psychology of color (or align with an interior designer who specializes in this area) to ensure that your restaurant paint job is not only beautiful but serving the purpose of creating residual business through regular clientele. 

There is a real science involved in choosing colors that inspire certain moods and create a desired atmosphere in any particular space, whether it be your home, your office or your restaurant. It should not be surprising that research shows the best colors for restaurants are the ones that remind us of our favorite foods. If you visit Italian restaurants, for instance, you will notice a lot of reds and greens. In a Greek restaurant, we're reminded of blues and whites. Asian restaurants tend to use bright greens, browns, and blues. Is this by design...?

Browns and yellows are also foodie colors, which is why they are used in restaurant décor. So, rather than looking at color cards, you may want to draw inspiration from your menu when choosing your scheme. Whether your customers know it or not, they will associate the colors in your dining area with the food you serve. Not only will it make it easier for them to remember what’s on the menu, color psychology helps reinforce positive associations with the experience and ambiance that your customers are experiencing.

One local restaurant in Minneapolis that has been here since the day that prohibition lifted is Jax Café - an old-world steakhouse, known for its prime rib, lobster, and other heritage offerings. When you visit both the Jax Café website and their location, you are greeted by dark oak wood, Frank Sinatra, deep reds and things that remind you of early gangster times in New York City or Chicago. They've nailed it on the head and generations of customers continue to return there every year because of it. 

Quality of paint in a restaurant

Yes, it can get expensive. All things do when operating a business, but like many other areas of focus in your restaurant, the paint is not a place to skimp. Low-quality paint is a big no-no when it comes to decorating a restaurant because it lives in an area with high-traffic wear and tear. A professional commercial painting company will always choose the right product for the job. If your painter has not taken the nature of your business into account, you are potentially wasting money on paintwork that simply won't last like it is supposed to. The product must stand the test of time because painting your restaurant can be an expensive investment. Make it last.

Culver's Restaurant. Painted by the crew at Elite Finisher.

Culver's Restaurant. Painted by the crew at Elite Finisher.

Looking to Hire a Pro?

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