When to repaint the exterior of my business

Exterior Paint Advice For Your Business

It doesn't really matter where you live in the world; there are unique climate patterns you will experience that will damage the exterior of your business premises. Nothing can potentially put potential customers off more than a run down looking exterior. Here are some warning signs to look out for; spot them early and you may avoid repairs that become very costly over time.

4 Signs it’s Time to Repaint Your Building

You may want to slip a fresh coat of paint on your business exterior...

You may want to slip a fresh coat of paint on your business exterior...

Cracking: Cracked paint will tend to flake and peel off the exterior of the building. If you fail to repair cracked paint, it will eventually expose the next layer of material to the elements and cause damage that moves into a more serious stage of repair.

Chalking: Painted materials, such as wood and stucco, can at some point, exhibit "chalking", which appears as a fine powder that rubs off easily on your hand. Over the course of time, chalking degrades the protection that paint provides to an exterior surface. It can also cause your brilliant color schemes to fade, affecting not only your building's appearance, but potentially your brand image as well.

Blistering: This occurs when paint layers begin to peel off and bubble. This is caused by moisture getting into the material at unpainted areas, so its important to ensure that your exterior paint job is professionally done. Painting in conditions that do not offer appropriate drying also can cause blistering, making it even more important to pay attention to the quality of the work.

Mold & Mildew: If you spot gray or black spots on the exterior surface of your premises, it may be mildew or algae. This is usually caused by poor air circulation and excessive moisture; sometimes unavoidable if you live in midwestern places or near a rainy climate. The paint could begin to flake or crack, if left unattended and its life span will be significantly reduced, causing the above conditions to happen quicker.

If you're' not positive whether or not your building is ready for a new coat of exterior paint, or you've recently moved into a building that may need a professional opinion - contact Elite Finisher today. Our commercial painting professionals are experts at analyzing surface areas and recommending the best course of action, whether that be minor resurfacing and repair or a complete overhaul.